Specializing in injection mold design and manufacturing companies.

Corporate Vision

Become the first-class vehicle injection mold manufacturers

Corporate purpose

People-oriented, lean production,

honesty and pragmatism,

innovation and enterprising,

return to society


Zhejiang 234 Molding Co., Ltd., located in Huangyan, the hometown of molds, is a company specializing in the design and manufacture of injection molds.

The product category involves motorcycle plastic mold manufacturing, electric vehicle plastic mold manufacturing and automobile plastic mold manufacturing.

For example, bumper mould, lamp mould, automobile door panel mould, automobile grille mould, automobile interior trim mould, etc.

We have a special injection workshop, which can independently debug the mold and produce plastic parts.

20million RMB

Registered capital

150million RMB

Annual capacity

3500square meter

Area covered


For example: I have an intention to understand the car bumper mold and want to know more